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Internal Corporate Investigations

The firm’s attorneys have represented many individuals and corporations in internal corporate investigations. These investigations raise sensitive questions both for the corporation and for the employees.

When representing the corporation we enable the corporation in a fair and objective manner to determine whether there has been any criminal or civil misconduct by officers, directors, or employees. We conduct an investigation, including interviewing witnesses and reviewing documents, counsel the corporation on the law as applied to the facts, and advise the corporation on the best approach to avoid criminal charges.

We also frequently represent individual employees who are facing a corporate investigation. Failure to cooperate in the investigation may lead to a loss of employment. On the other hand, any statements made by the individual may be used against the individual if the investigation leads to criminal charges. We help the individual sort through the issues, including the likelihood that the individual employee will face criminal charges. We counsel the individual employee on whether to cooperate with the corporate investigation, and if the employee decides to be interviewed, we help him or her prepare for the interview.