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Firm Overview
NechelesLaw LLP is one of New York’s premier law firms focused on criminal defense, defending individuals and corporations in criminal investigations and trying criminal cases in both federal and state courts in New York and elsewhere.  It is rare to find a small firm with such a vast amount of trial experience.    

At the investigative stage of a case we work closely with the client, marshalling the facts and advising the client. We help clients who are called as witnesses before the grand jury or asked to speak with a prosecutor make the decision whether to testify or speak with the prosecutor. We often are able to prevent indictments of clients who are subjects of a grand jury investigation by convincing the prosecutors that there is no legal and/or factual basis for any charges.

We are well known for our vigorous representation of clients who are indicted. Prosecutors are aware that we will fight the charges with aggressive motions and challenge the government’s evidence at trial. As a result of our reputation for fighting for our clients and our mastery of the facts, we are often able to obtain favorable plea agreements or to obtain acquittals at trial. In cases involving sentencing we have had outstanding success in mitigating the penalties.
Often, our clients face parallel civil proceedings that are best handled by the same team that is handling any criminal or regulatory investigation, so that we can be sure that the client presents one coordinated defense strategy and that no steps are taken in a civil case that might jeopardize the client’s position in any ongoing or potential criminal case.